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Storez is hands-down the easiest way to create PROFITABLE affiliate sites. We’ve made it simple to use, BUT creating these stores still takes some time & effort … OR the expense to outsource it to others.

You’ll Need To:

Choose niches that are consistently profitable - which takes time & research

Create or pay for graphics, logos & branding materials

Run the ‘product importer’ plugin to upload products to each store

All simple tasks, but each involves time or money.


Our expert team has researched the 20 BEST niches where hungry buyers spend A LOT & order values are HIGH ...

You make HIGHER commissions, more often


Our professional designers have created gorgeous stores in each niche ……

Stores that set you apart from the competition and make you the AUTHORITY people want to buy from


These DFY stores are pre-loaded with products, graphics & all design elements.

Customize anything, or use them as-is to drive truly passive profits

More Income Streams. Higher Profits. GUARANTEED High Ranking In The Hottest, Most In-Demand Niches

Each store is optimized for conversions AND SEO to drive as much free traffic as possible. Oh, and they look great too - see for yourself:

Check Out All These Stores You Get

  • Baby Care
  • Personal Care
  • Craft Supplies
  • Food Items
  • Clothing
  • Mens Grooming
  • Massage
  • Mobiletech
  • Weightloss
  • Weighttraining
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Computers
  • Hair Care
  • Cleaningitems
  • Homedecor
  • Gardening
  • Furniture
  • Photography
  • Beatyproducts

YOU. Laughing.
All The Way To The Bank

20 stores, completely DFY. IF you were to create them yourself, from scratch - it could take weeks.

If you were to find a freelancer to build them for just $100 each, it’d cost you $2000.

Here you can get ALL TWENTY stores …
Have them up and running by this time tomorrow …
For just $67

That’s $3.35 per store! Less than the price of your daily coffee per each brand new, profitable income stream.

IF you chose the PRO upgrade, you’re in for a REAL treat …

Because these stores are optimized to convert, they’re going to start making consistent commissions FAST.

Making them even MORE valuable, so with your PRO license you can sell these for HUGE profits to others.

Are You …

A new or struggling marketer who’s not sure how to research and select the most profitable niches?

Facing a limited budget for design & graphics to optimize your stores for profits?

A successful marketer looking for MULTIPLE income streams without taking time or money from your current business?

Just a tiny bit lazy? hey it’s OK to admit that … we are too!

Then Storez DFY Stores Is For You!

No niche selection, no coding, no uploading products. Just STRAIGHT to commissions and MULTIPLE passive income streams.

With 20 completely done-for-you stores in the most profitable niches online.

Act Now Because You WON’T See This Offer Ever Again

You may be wondering, why is this so cheap? Quite simply, customers that get GREAT results make us look good.

To get you great results, we have to put a strict limit on the number of DFY packages available. Once we hit the limit, the offer closes. That simple.

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We’re so confident you’ll LOVE these DFY stores that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund every penny of your tiny investment.

Just give them a fair shot, okay? You have a LOT to gain - like 20 passive income streams - just by plugging them in.

Thanks again for picking up Storez. We’re excited to have you as a customer and would love for you to grow your income FAST …

This is the fastest way to do it.

5 DFY sites

Storez - 5 Site - Done For You

20 DFY sites

Storez - Done For You

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