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Storez is the foundation for truly passive affiliate profits. It’s powerful on its own, but we wanted to take things to a new level for marketers after game-changing profits.

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PRO Feature #1:
Monetize ANY Post For Hands-Free Affiliate Commissions

Top-earning affiliates know the trick to increasing commissions is to show visitors offers HIGHLY related to your posts & content.

For unlimited choices, there isn’t a better option than Amazon.

TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder lets you instantly source top-selling products in ANY niche.

Filter by price, ratings, vendor profile and much more. Monetizing your traffic with eCommerce affiliate products has never been easier - can find anything you want right inside the dash!

Why Amazon?

It Does The Selling FOR You - Amazon sets new standards in conversions, average order value, service and more

Higher Potential Commissions From EVERY Visitor - powerful sales boosters include bundled offers, related items & social proof

19.7 % Year-Over-Year Growth - $141.9 BILLION USD in product sales made 2018 the most profitable year in Amazon’s history

Hassle-Free - Selling, shipping & support is completely done for you …


Long Term Commissions - earn on ANY related upsells or cross sells for up to 90 days

Two Ways To Win - DIVERSIFY Your Income

You can include an Amazon product link with your TrafficBuilder 3.0 posts - that’s the direct approach.

You can ALSO use your traffic campaigns to send visitors to a monetized blog or social media post - and pre-warmed traffic often converts MUCH better.

Whether you prefer to ‘sell hard’, ‘sell soft’, or any combination … you’ve got multiple options with TrafficBuilder 3.0 Pro’s Amazon Product Finder.

Hands-Free Commissions

If you’re a beginner, affiliate marketer, or don’t have your own products: just plug in top-sellers, let Amazon do the work, and collect the commissions.

This is also fantastic for content marketers - it’s EASY to monetize blogs, videos and social posts / pages.

Of course if you’re already a successful marketer - this is one of the fastest ways to create multiple income streams - and it’s hassle-free!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by NOT making sales from your traffic, THIS is the answer

PRO Feature #2:
Even more Professional, High Converting Themes.

No one wants to run the same old boring theme on every site. It’s 2019 and standing out from the crowd is key. That’s why we’ve incuded multiple themes, with multiple variations so YOU HAVE THE CHOICE to run whichever theme you want with our pre-built selection of themes.

You get a total of 3 professional, high converting themes, all included with Pro.

These high converting themes are purposely designed to EXPLODE your results
Here are the themes you’ll get:

PRO Feature #3 - Retargeting Pixel

It’s a fact that many people won’t click on ads or check out offers the 1st time they visit a page. This TRAFFIC LEAK leads to lost profits on a massive scale.

Thanks to PRO’s easy-to-use pixel feature, you can PLUG this traffic leak and get more 1st time visitors returning to your monetized pages … meaning MORE income from the SAME traffic!

PRO Feature #4 - Advanced Analytics

Some people think stats are boring … but to the most successful marketers, stats are the most exciting part of the game. Why?

They unlock your potential to SCALE.

Now you’ll have up-to-the-minute data on exactly how your Storez pages are performing …
Which ads & offers are generating the most revenue …
Which ones need tweaking ...

So you’ll EASILY be able to customize your pages & offers to maximize your profits.
Between you & me … this is my favorite PRO feature.

Why Storez PRO Is The Answer You Need NOW

You made the smart decision to pick up Storez because you’ve seen it’s a proven way to make passive income online.

PRO is the logical step to making even more, for less effort, over the long term. By BUILDING on the power of the base system to make it 5X more effective - with:

HIGHER ENGAGEMENT - make sure your GIFs stand out, drive more clicks to your money pages & increase your personal branding with the graphics editor

MORE FREE TRAFFIC - with the advanced auto-posting features exposing your pages to targeted audiences on multiple social platforms

MORE PASSIVE PROFITS - built-in retargeting lets you capture the highest possible profits from EVERY visitor to your pages

INCREASED CONVERSIONS - the included link-cloaker ensures ALL your monetized links are clickable by users on any platform

EFFORTLESS SCALING - unlock advanced analytics that let you optimize the performance of every page, every ad and every offer - so you can easily maximize the profits from each and every page

Is PRO For You?

You don’t need Storez PRO to make the main software & system work.

If you’re happy with making reasonable passive profits - and are willing to keep putting more time into more campaigns and testing - you could be just fine.

But if you want to unlock the full profit potential of the system … and make even MORE for much less effort … the PRO features are definitely for you.

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